to BE notiCED

1. to be noticed(考查不定式的被动语态) 2. to have studied abroad(考查不定式的完成式) 考点三 1. As long as I can remember(考查状语从句) 2. where the thief had just broken into (考查状语从句和过去完成时) 考点

[F] Because the changes tended to be first noticed around Christmas, the phenomenon was given the name El Nino, which is Spanish for child, a term often used to refer to the baby Jesus.[G] Lying, then is

And in the front drive talking to myself 面向前方不由得自言自语: Either that or inside hiding often to going somewhere quiet 肉体和内心深处想找一片净土, Trying not to be noticed because I’m crying and sobbing 不想

I could have been the one you noticed 我本来能成为你注意的那个人 I could have been all over you 我本来能完全像你 i ould have been like all the others 我也能像其他的所有人 But I wasn't supposed to do 但是我不

to get my happiness I had done everythingbut had done nothing to be blamed and accused ofthe sound of footsteps became louder everydaythen I noticed the fact there was no timeI was a believer in life to be my